Bocconi DBA – another module completed

DBA2 – our last day in class Module 2 with professors Andrea Fosfori & Fabrizio Castellucci

Bocconi’s DBA2 with the new arrivals – DBA3

We spent another great week of learning from Bocconi’s excellent faculty and each other for our DBA2 Module 3 class. With Professor Brian Smith we delved deeper into our phenomenon of interest, best practice on conducting our research and writing our dissertations, and a strategy session on how to leverage our research after graduation. The other half of our week was looking at various papers on the topic of management of innovation with Professor Andrea Fosfuri, Director of Bocconi’s PhD Program. Overseeing everything was the marvelous Director of the DBA, Professor Fabrizio Castellucci. Other highlights were a guided tour of Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper and a joint dinner with the new DBA3 class. Another milestone passed, now to get on with the next steps! Can’t wait to return to Milano and Bocconi…

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