From Faculty

I have worked with Lisa since 2007 on a range of projects including developing the LBS Masters in Management degree, case writing (we have written several together), and as a teaching assistant and researcher. She has always done a terrific job – she is responsive, diligent, takes the initiative, and always delivers high quality results, even under tight deadlines

Professor Julian Birkinshaw, London Business School

I have worked with Lisa developing case studies. Given her background (MBA, long association in various capacities with top business schools), she has an excellent grasp of the business issues and, suitably briefed, can be readily left to distil multiple primary and secondary sources and develop an excellent initial draft that is succinct and well written and typically requires little, if any, editing. As well as being an excellent case writer, Lisa is a delight to work with and always aims to please

Professor N. Craig Smith, The INSEAD Chaired Professor of Ethics and Social Responsibility

I have been working with Lisa on case study development for a while now. She’s really been wonderful to work with. She’s the right mix of focused, proactive and efficient. It makes the process so much easier and more enjoyable when I have a professional like Lisa doing the research and writing

Professor Michael Watkins, IMD & Co-Founder & Chairman, Genesis Advisors

Lisa is an excellent person to work with. She is hard-working, creative, reliable and trustworthy. When given a task, she is quick to structure it and develop an action plan. She is then willing to take the initiative to bring the task to fruition with little direct supervision necessary. She is also easy to work with and flexible enough to adjust her schedule to your time pressures. I found her a joy to work with!

Professor Costas Markides, London Business School

From Business School Executives

I have commissioned Lisa for various different consulting and writing projects. I have always been impressed with her knowledge of the business education market, which has provided my team with valuable insights and suggestions. She communicates easily and effectively with professional staff at all levels, I have found her to have a real understanding of faculty and their motivations. Lisa has always been engaging, dynamic and enthusiastic, making her very easy to work with on even the most challenging projects

Caroline Williams, Director, Open Programmes

I worked with Lisa over several months as we reviewed and redesigned the Full Time MBA. As a consultant to the project, Lisa was thorough and diligent, providing challenging and useful insights into the process. As a result of her research, we were able to develop a clear vision of where we wanted to take the programme and make strategic choices that have ensured that it has remained one of the top MBA programmes in the world. We’ve since worked together on a desk-based research exercise to assess our programme credit structure – the project required a quick turnaround and a deep analysis that enabled us to develop a new credit based framework

Stephen Chadwick, Executive Director, Operations, London Business School

Lisa has been a truly valued partner to IESE’s MOOC programmes. She is well organised, professional, and always motivated to give good service. She is versatile and highly adaptable to different academic programmes, both in content and design. She is resourceful and operates independently and efficiently. She is both personable and professional, a pleasure to work with!

Ivana Vasall, Learning Innovation Lead, Head of Online Programs Management, IESE
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